Perfect in Any Room of Your Home

Maxxus Saunas are the most cost-effective ways to introduce a healthy, and tranquil lifestyle within your home. This latest source of technology introduces a FAR infrared carbon heating panel system while being energy efficient. The infrared waves can remove toxins from the body, stimulate blood flow, relieve pain or inflammation from tired muscles, stop arthritis pain, help people lose weight, improve skin complexion, helps chronic fatigue syndrome, and promotes relaxation.

A Maxxus is known to be environmentally friendly as the saunas are high-quality, and they tend to hold the heat better than others. It heats up quickly and uses less electricity compared to other types of saunas within the market. This is because the sauna walls are double paneled and manufactured with the toughest interior and external wood boards. 6mm wood planks are used with a 1.13-inch internal frame for indoor and outdoor use.

The low infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels are larger than ceramic tube saunas and reach the epidermis more effectively to optimize therapeutic potential. These heating panels never need to be replaced, unlike the ceramics that need to be replaced every five years. The carbon energy efficient panels warm up quicker than ceramic-paneled saunas, rock, and steam saunas.  The sauna is made of reforested Canadian red cedar wood, with a door that is bronze coated with tempered glass, and two windows. 

Maxxus Saunas are meant to be simple to operate and are a great bargain. The light touch main screen and LED display with sauna time and temperature features make using a Maxxus Sauna a breeze. Every Maxxus Sauna is made from 100% wood, and it comes with a low seat and floor warmer with a lower wattage to provide the same perks and therapy to your legs and feet even without the sharp pain associated with other sauna brands. Through the sauna's built-in MP3 auxiliary input, Bluetooth and audio system, FM Radio, SD and USB ports with two speakers, you can listen to your playlist during your relaxation period. The system also contains chromotherapy lighting and includes nine panels for carbon heating.

No additional wiring is necessary because the sauna fits into any dedicated 15-amp 120-volt outlet. It may be fitted onto a carpet or in any inside area, including the basement, garage, bathroom, or spacious closet. Any workout room would benefit from this sauna, which is both elegant and functional, and people love to add this to their homes.