Near Zero EMF Technology

Golden Design Saunas epitomizes healthy living and a healthy lifestyle through the ergonomic and innovative designs implemented through infrared and traditional saunas. All saunas are made from sustainably sourced Canadian wood. Golden Design have the best-selling line of high-quality saunas and are the largest distributors in the North American region. The sauna’s innovative design is centered around healthy living, low EMF output, and ease of assembly. 

EMF stands for Electric and Magnetic Fields and is found wherever an electric current is present. Many scholars have attributed the rise in adverse health issues directly correlated to the increase in EMF levels in people's daily living. There are many health benefits associated with the use of saunas such as: weight loss, pain relief, blood circulation, immune system boosting, detoxification, relief of joint pain and stiffness, reduction of stress and fatigue, and reduction in blood pressure, as, it may allow for rest and relaxation. 

Golden Design Saunas offer an array of saunas:

  • Dynamic Low EMF and Dynamic Ultra Low EMF – These environmentally-friendly saunas are designed and constructed using Canadian Hemlock wood. These models use FAR infrared panels, which are energy efficient and aid in relaxation and rejuvenation. The Dynamic Ultra Low EMF models indoctrinate industry first technology in the form of PureTech Ultra Low EMF heating technology, which uses FAR infrared wavelengths to deliver therapy.
  • Traditional Saunas – This option allows for a traditional steam sauna. A variety of bathing options are available with the traditional saunas, and it provides a good space to relax alone or with family and friends. Canadian Red Cedar wood is used in the construction of these saunas, which also provides aromatherapy.
  • Near Zero EMF Saunas – This product range is made from reforested Canadian Red Cedar wood to provide pleasant aromatherapy. The latest Near Zero EMF PureTech heating panels are used along with Bluetooth connectivity and chromotherapy lighting. The aim of this product range is to produce the least amount of EMF output as possible.
  • Near Zero EMF Full Spectrum Saunas – This model is made from Canadian Hemlock Fir and consists of PureTech heating panels, which incorporate NEAR, MID, and FAR wavelengths to provide a full spectrum of infrared saunas, while maintaining low levels of EMF output.

The Near Zero EMF affirms why Golden Design Saunas are the largest and most recognized distributors in the North American region. Their reduction in EMF levels is what differentiates Golden Design Sauna’s from competitors and the commitment towards sustainable healthy living leads to innovation that establishes this company as pioneers of the sauna industry