Eco-friendly and Affordable

Dynamic Saunas present an affordable, ecologically friendly, and energy-efficient Ultra Low EMF FAR infrared sauna. It used the latest source of technology by introducing a FAR infrared carbon heating panel system while being energy efficient. The saunas are built from reforested Canadian Hemlock planks that exceed performance standards, resulting in a high-quality sauna that maintains heat more efficiently, generates heat faster, and consumes little energy in the process. The health benefits of using a dynamic sauna include reducing blood pressure, detoxifying, reducing joint pain (commonly found in arthritis), reducing the discomfort in muscles, losing weight, and improving skin texture. 

The dynamic sauna walls are double paneled and manufactured with the toughest interior and external wood boards. 6mm wood planks are used with interior dimensions of 36 in x 32 in x 67 in and the exterior of 39 in x 36 in x 73 in. Six carbon heaters are included in the Dynamic Sauna, one on the floor and one under the bench. The remaining four heaters are located at the back and sides of the room.

The sauna reaches a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F. The floor and bench heaters are rated at 200 watts, therefore the heat output is a little lower. The bench provides ample space for two average-sized individuals to sit knee-to-knee. The dimensions of most home saunas advertised for one to two people are quite similar. The low infrared electromagnetic frequencies are larger than ceramic tube saunas and reach the epidermis of the skin more effectively to optimize therapeutic potential. A timer of 90 minutes can also be set, and once the time has expired, the sauna can automatically switch off for safety purposes. The sauna also comes with an easy-to-open and close glass door, while the tinted glass effect gives it a modern look and adds a touch of privacy.

If you are looking for some entertainment or to pipe in some relaxing music, this sauna doesn’t disappoint. It contains a control panel with a Bluetooth system (no FM radio), and two dynamic speakers with pre-amp. An interior and exterior LED control panel is used for operating the system, and it is accessible on both sides, inside and outside. This makes adjusting the temperature, time, and lighting features easy and simple. It's highly user-friendly and straightforward. The sauna also contains an interior reading or chromo therapy lighting system with 10 different color options and a roof vent for air inflow and outflow.