An Excellent Addition to Your Home

If you are looking for a good option when installing a steam shower to your home or business, consider the steam shower from Maya Bath. Art-tinted glass and dense stainless steel swinging doors and fittings are included in the Maya Bath steam shower, which makes it both functional and beautiful. 

With a 12-inch digital television, Bluetooth compatibility, a touchscreen control panel, 16 therapeutic jets, 18 jacuzzi jets, and a high-efficiency 5KW steam engine, this unit has it all. The steam bath is meant to make your spa experience even better. With the various amenities the Maya Bath steam shower has to provide, you can enjoy it in a state of full relaxation and tranquility.

The bath contains a 12-inch digital LCD television adding to the fun of relaxation and amusement. The vigorous hydro massage is provided by two headrests and a system of 18 jets, you can keep your bathtub warmed to maintain a consistent temperature in the water. 

The steam shower unit has 12 back massage jets and four body jets. There is a touchscreen LCD control system that controls the power, lights, radio, and other systems for an easy use while showering. 

For wellness benefits, try putting solid or liquid essential oils within the shower for a great scent and health advantages. The Maya Bath steam shower contains a sterilization system that kills all bacteria and viruses ensuring a sterile and clean future use. Use the Bluetooth panel to accept and send out phone calls as well as play your essential playlists, and the mirror is fog-free even in the most humid situations. 

Enjoy a combined foot massage with your back massage via hydro pressure, and there are two sets of lighting that enhance sensuality and raise the aura in the room. The Maya Bath steam shower has two heads that are adjustable, so it can be enjoyed by two people at the same time; a waterfall inlet provides a peaceful cascade of water for a relaxing effect. 

The shower contains a blue, fluorescent lighting and stimulates rain, and it comes with a water-proof remote that controls the functions. You can also listen to the FM radio with the surround sound speakers as well as your television, phone, and MP3. The Maya Bath contains a fan that maintains a comfortable temperature and air pressure while you are showering, and lastly, if the unit overheats, the system automatically switches off for security reasons. A shelf is also provided within the shower for storage purposes such as for your toiletries and is accompanied by an alarm system.